Transportation and bunkering of fuels and chemicals

VT Shipping

Verenigde Tankrederij (VT) is an inland water tanker operator with over 100 years of experience in the maritime logistics and bunkering industry. They have expanded internationally, with operations in the ARA region, Panama, Oman, Sweden, Spain, mainland and Canary Islands, and in the vicinity of the Rhine River. VT focuses on safety and sustainability, aiming for “zero spills and zero incidents.” They are accredited and certified to the highest quality standards, making them a preferred choice for oil majors, chemical conglomerates, and major shipping companies.

In addition to traditional bunkering services, VT offers caustic soda bunker for scrubbers. They have equipped their ships with heating coils, modern radar systems, hydraulic fuel booms, and NMI-certified mass flow meter systems for efficient and safe bunkering operations.

The combination of qualified personnel, advanced metering systems, CCTV, and modern software ensures transparency and accuracy for their customers. VT is also committed to being at the forefront of the energy transition by focusing on the shift to biofuels to reduce CO2 emissions.

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VT Shipping

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