Holland House Panama offers a high quality network with with multiple services accessible to members. These services range from business, marketing and networking services to office space use, which will support you in your road to success in Panama without long hurdles and procedures.

Member services

  • Networking events for members and with external partners
  • Overview of public expenditure projects (infrastructure etc.)
  • Overview of government instruments in Panama, e.g. free trade zones
  • Session with the Ambassador on the political situation before elections
  • Event calendar and individual event suggestions
  • Maintaining website and social media
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Lectures by external speakers
  • Taxation briefings
  • Legal briefings
  • Business lunches/dinners

Newcomer services

  • Advice / corporate rates on banks, internet providers, office space
  • Intermediate for other bilateral chambers of commerce
  • General sector studies
  • Advice on financing options
  • Statutory address
  • Interoffice phone
  • Making use of bank account

Transmittable services

  • Shortlist and corporate rates lawyers
  • Shortlist and corporate rates real estate agents
  • Shortlist and corporate rates accountants
  • Advice on real estate, taxes, etc.
  • Shortlist and corporate rates translation services
  • Shortlist recruitment agencies