Tank storage & handling of chemicals, oil and gas


Vopak’s drive is its purpose: Storing vital products with care.

Our purpose explains our relevance for society at large; our relevance is determined by what we store: products that meet the basic human needs of a growing population and how we store these products: with the utmost care.

We store products that are vital for everyday life. The energy that allow people to cook, heat or cool their homes and
for transportation. The chemicals that enable companies to manufacture millions of useful products. The edible oils to prepare food. Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company and we take pride in storing vital products with care, for a growing world population.

We are developing new infrastructure solutions to actively contribute to the introduction of future vital products, focusing on zero- and low-carbon hydrogen, ammonia, CO2, flow batteries and sustainable feedstocks.

Vopak Panama

Vopak Panama is strategically located at the crossroads of international trade and transportation routes for refined products. This terminal is well positioned to serve the international refined products markets in the Panama region and to serve the expected increasing bunkering needs resulting from the expansion of the Panama Canal.

In 2019, Vopak completed the first phase of the terminal’s expansion. Our state-of-the-art facility includes 9 tanks with a total storage capacity of 2,250,000 barrels. Aligned with the Panama Canal expansion, our terminal has dedicated tanks ready to support the marine market with a total capacity of 1,500,000 barrels. These tanks were built to meet the new requirements for safe handling and storage of Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (0.5 % S) and Low Sulfur Marine Gas Oil (0.1 %) in compliance with the international regulations of ISO8217

Our onshore marine facility consists of 6 tanks with a capacity of 250,000 barrels, 4 pipelines of 24, 18, 16 and 12 inches, and an offshore jetty with 6 marine loading arms to service vessels and barges.

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